"Brand new and brilliant, beg, borrow or steal a table at the newly opened Joon Dining. Brought to you by the talents behind Rare The Food Company and Kinmedai, Joon’s kitchen is headed by Tyrell Joon, who has clocked up service at Singapore’s stellar Iggy’s and Les Amis before. Expect a menu infused with contemporary European flair and chic Asian accents. But with passionate and experienced restaurateur Ken Lai at its helm, we expect nothing less. "

- Options The Edge

our story

A Simple Menu. Ready-to-drink Wines. Quality ingredients in tasting portions, as to ensure variety comes into play. Our initial menu was lean but perfectly curated. Our offerings have grown since then, but our commitment to perfection remains the same.

Diners are recommended to order 4-5 dishes per couple for a enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Our servers are on hand to entertain any futher queries.

SET lunch menu

3-Course Menu MYR48

4- Course Menu MYR60

First Course is set as the Bread course.

Only One selection From Starter, Main & Dessert (if applicable)

*price indicated to include 10% service charge

SETlunch menu

First course

Ciabatta roll with garlic lemon butter

STARTERs (select one)

Roasted cauliflower

salted egg gribiche/pumpkin seed/sultana raisin


sauteed wild mushroom/ duck gizzard/ balsamic creme

Pani puri

salmon/compressed apple/ginger ponzu dressing

Baby Octopus

al ajillo style/crisp garlic/chilli flakes/pomelo salad

mushroom cappuCcino

truffle oil/melba toast

*price indicated to include 10% service charge

SETlunch menu

Mains (Select one)

Vongole pasta

fresh borneon clams/pasta/chilli/garlic/tuak wine

free range DRY AGED chicken confit

tajin lyonnaise potatoes/ sweet corn veloute

mala mongolian lamb ragout

green radish/lotus root/crispy mini mantou

super seafood paella

Supplement RM28

Mixed Catch of the day/tomato cream/sweet basil aioli

lobster pasta

Supplement RM18

handmade fresh pasta/wild-caught spiny whole lobster/kimchi

desserts (select one)

panna cotta

heritage Melaka brown sugar sago/crispy youtiao/red bean gelato


lemon cheese curd/seasonal fruits/ honey tuile

*price indicated to include 10% service charge

lunch menu



Coca-Cola - RM7

tropical - RM15

soda Water - RM6

aqua panna still water 1 Litre - rm20

san pellegrino 1 litre - rm20

earl grey tea - rm12

Coffee: ESpresso- RM10

Long Black- RM12

Mocktail of the day- rm8




*price indicated to include 10% service charge

Grainy Texture Background with Natural Colors



Pan Seared, Pomegranate Vinaigrette, Candied Pecan, Figs

Choice Of:

Canard (Duck)

Oie (Goose

Foie Gras Terrine with Grape Compote & Conutry Sourdough

Foie Gras

Truffle Mentaiko Risotto

Carabinero, Tosaka Seaweed, Parmigiano Reggiano

Truffle Uni Pasta

Uni, Truffle Jus, Shio Kombu

Free Range Poulet

Roast, Sake Cream, Leeks

Norwegian Salmon

Venus Clams, Tomkha Beurre Blanc, Fennel, Asparagus

Pyreness Saratoga Lamb

Smoked, Mala Chimichurri, Honey Lime Yogurt

Hungarian Goose Breast

12-Days Dry Aged, Marmite Brussel Sprouts, Black Bean Port Reduction

Premium Saikyo White Miso Sabayon

Truffle Crab Pasta

Butter Roe, Truffle Jus, Shio Kombu

Sri Lankan GIant Scampi

Dungeness Crab Vintage Illustration
Italian Risotto Food
Freshwater Prawn
Sea-Urchin or Sea-Eggs, Vintage Illustration.
Duck Illustration
sketch salmon
Vector Image
Little Lamb Icon
Chicken Hen Illustration

RM 78

RM 188

RM 98

RM 118

RM 198

RM 128

RM 188

RM 148

RM 128

RM 288

RM 198

Grainy Texture Background with Natural Colors


Small Plates

Nuri Mackerel

Blow-torched, Romaine Lettuce, Salted Egg Gribiche, Walnut

Salmon Trout

Cured, Ikura, Mango Capsicum Salsa, Citrus Creme, Dill Oil


Deep Fried, Baby Crabs, Kimchi


HuangJiu, Purple Artichoke Barigoule, Pickled Pearl Onions

Bellorr White Asparagus

Hotaru Ika, Kombu Bearnaise

Cheiragonidae Crab Vector Isolated Crustacean Icon
sketch eel
sketch oyster
Illustration of a Seashell
Fresh Button Mushrooms Illustration

RM 68

RM 49

RM 78

RM 25

RM 78

Murotsu Bay Oyster

Smoked Eel

Citrus, Beets, Yuzu Jus

Baked, Mentaiko Mayo, Furikake

Illustration of a Crab
sketch mackerel


Vector Image

Hokkaido Scallop

Spicy Escabeche, Sourdough, Garlic Crisps, Sundried Tomato

Sauteed Wild Mushrooms, Duck Gizzard, Balsamic Creme

Contemporary Chilli Crab

Vitelotte Gnocchi Beignet, Soft Shell Crab/ Chilli Crab Espuma

RM 88

RM 68

RM 28

RM 48

RM 78

Grainy Texture Background with Natural Colors


Sharing Plates


Tentacle, Tandoori Masala Yogurt Emulsion, Pomelo Red Cabbage


Broiled, Ulam Raja Parmesan Espuma, “Choy Poh” Popcorn

Squid Ink, Gochujang Aioli, Sumi Ika


Spiny Lobster

Tagliatelle, Tomato Confit, Tosaka Seaweed, Jus de Crustaces

Open Clam Illustration
Clams Sketch Illustration

RM 138

RM 128

Mille Feuille Illustration

RM 98

RM 58

150gm, Kampot Mignonette, Oshikawa Tomato Confit

Sher Wagyu Striploin

Spiny Lobster Seafood Animal
Octopus Tentacle Illustration

Vongole Pasta

Aglio Olio, Hua Tiao Wine, Clams "Sa Bak"


Ago Dashi Beurre Blanc, Piquillo Pepper, Kaffir Lime Oil


Puff Pastry, Fruit, Berry Gelato

RM 198

RM 78

RM 48

RM 33

Grainy Texture Background with Natural Colors


Wine Glasses

White/ Rose Wines

Rimapere 2022

RM 218

Sauvignon Blanc- Bright aromatics of lime, blackcurrants, nettle and jasmine.

Vietti Roero Arneis 2021

RM 188

Arneis- Citrus, Melon, Floral, Almond

Pazo Senorans Albarino 2021

RM 185

A Dry wine with a delectable aroma and refreshing acidity

M de Minuty Rose 2021

RM 175

A wine with a fresh aftertaste. Fruity with distinct pepper & spice

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2022

RM 260

Cloudy Bay, bright with nose of Kaffir Lime & Grapefruit

Cape Mentelle Chardonnay 2018

RM 260

Complex and creamy with Fuji Apples, hints of vanilla, buttered popcorns

Whispering Angel 2021

RM 210

Pouilly Fume Tradition 2021

RM 260

A Dry wine with a delectable aroma and refreshing acidity

Fruity with nuances of grapefruit and other citrus